Audeara headphones test and monitor your hearing for life – helping you avoid hearing loss and enjoy sound that’s tailored to you. Created by a group of doctors and engineers who saw a chance to make things simpler and much, much better. 

Audeara has created the world’s first audio-perfecting headphones that actively protect your hearing. Founders Dr Chris Jeffery and Dr James Fielding launched a fundraising campaign for Audeara on KickStarter last year and hit their fundraising goal of $100,000 within 15 hours of going live, an incredible feat.

Chris and James’ journey started in 2014, fine tuning the product until the KickStarter launch.  Some of the team’s key milestones (besides hitting their KickStarter goal) were getting their first pair of Audeara prototypes and seeing people outside of their company try and test them (and love them).

Everyone has a degree of hearing loss, and they believe their headphones can correct this to "make music better – not louder – and provide perfect sound, always"