Top 5 Mothers Day Tech Gift Ideas

We've handpicked the best tech gift ideas for mum this Mother's Day. From smart gardens to handbags that charge her phone, there's something unique for every mum!


1.  Plantui Smart Garden

Plantui Smart Gardens are unique all-in-one indoor garden devices.  Depending on the version you get her, in one Plantui Smart Garden mum can grow 3 or 6 plants at the same time. Plantui Smart Gardens, with their intelligent light system and automatic watering pump, can help mum grow fresh, tasty and pure greens year round. Mum can grow her favourite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants in 5-8 weeks

2. Handbag Butler Mighty Purse

Purses with a purpose, Mighty Purse designs are a fusion between fashion and technology – a must-have for the modern day mum. Crafted from high quality genuine leather, the Mighty Purse features a hidden built-in battery that can recharge her smartphone ensuring she will never be without power. With plenty of room for all the daily essentials, Mighty Purse has mum covered.

3. Zen Thermostat

The Zen Thermostat is a smart home thermostat that looks beautiful on mum's wall. Using her existing home WiFi, she can connect her thermostat seamlessly to the cloud to manage heating, cooling and fan right from your smart device.  It is super easy to install and the LED screen provides simple, intuitive touch operation

4. Audeara Headphones

Every person hears differently, and your left ear hears differently to your right.  Get mum a set of Audeara A-01 Headphones and using the Audeara app, she can measure these differences so she can visualise and track her unique hearing profile as it changes over time. Mum's hearing profile is then programmed into her Audeara A-01 Headphones, giving her enhanced music experience through precision, not volume.  She’ll hear notes she didn’t know existed!


5. Sensibo Thermostat

Get mum a Sensibo Sky, the ultimate DIY device to control any infrared remote-controlled air conditioner and make it smart. Really smart!  With Sensibo, mum will be able to control, schedule, monitor, automate and save energy.  All she needs is a WiFi network & a smart phone (iPhone or Android) and the free Sensibo app